A Catalog Full of HOme Decor for You!

The new Fall/Winter 2020 Chalky & Company Catalog is here!  Shop the catalog for your base, your stencil, your paint colors and more!  We are your one-stop shop for all things Chalky Painting!  

Contact me if you would like your own copy!! 

Introducing New Projects & a New Way to Order!

Now Available! 

Morning Routine $35 for base (including hooks), 2 oz. Chlaky Paint $4 each or 2 for $6. 

Speak with Love Project - This is a great project that you can display in your home year-round. The stencil is included!
$335 for base: (includes stencil) 2 oz. Chalky Paint: $4.00 ea or 2/$6.00 and a 2 oz. Glaze $3.00 ea

This is our "DogGoneIt" Project!  Need a central place for your pet supplies? Check out "DogGoneIt"! This project is shaped like a dog bone, and inclues 3 key hooks, and a foam brush set. The kit measures 16"w x 8.5" h. This base retails for $39. Add-on a paw print stencil and a paint color (2 oz. $4 or a Glaze (2 oz. $4.50). "

Check out our "Pumpkin Patch" Project!  This base retails for $25.  Kit measures: 13"W x 10" h. Kit Includes foambrush set.  Add-on 2 Chalky Paints for $4/ea or 2/$6.

It's as easy as Step 1, 2, 3.

Let's shop!!  You have found kits that you love!!  It's hard not to! Check out the Steps on how to order!  Of course, contact me if you have any questions!  

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