You have questions; we’ve got answers.

  1. How does a Chalky Painting Workshop “work” at the Chalky South Studio? We offer beginner, intermediate and advanced-typed workshops. We also offer themed workshops (Fall, Holiday, Summer, Spring, etc.) as well as special events. We also offer 2-part classes. You do one side of a 2-sided project, and then return for the second side! So, based on the event, we provide all instructions, all supplies, and your choice of paint colors!

  2. Are kids allowed in the Chalky South Studio? During our Open Paint Night Sessions, and if the child will be painting, or any of our private party kid’s workshops, absolutely!

  3. What types of workshops do you offer? The Chalky South Studio offers Open Paint Sessions, Theme Project Sessions. Interchangeable (Onlay) Sessions, 2-Part Sessions, Private Parties, Business/Team Sessions and Birthday Party Sessions!

  4. Do I have to pick my Chalky Project ahead of time? For our project-specific Chalky Painting Workshops, registration with payment and customization for your project is required at the time of booking. The projects are ordered ahead of time (by the deadline date) so that they will be at the Studio in time for the event. However, on Open Paint Nights, you can choose any of our in-stock designs (as well as in-stock stencils) without registration and stop in and paint any of our Chalky Home Decor kits.

  5. What is the price range offered at the Chalky South Studio? Our home decor kits range from $15 - $85. The median range of our kits is $40. Workshops include all supplies needed, your choice of paint colors, and FUN!

  6. Do you offer refunds? If you are unable to attend the workshop in which you registered, please email me (julia@chalkysouth.com), or call me, and I will hold your Chalky Project. We can set up a date on one of the Open Paint Nights (or other date that will work for both), when you can come in and complete your Project.

  7. Can I BYOB? Yes! You may certainly bring outside food and drink to the Chalky South Studio for your event. We also allow beer and wine for our customers over 21 years old. We have a wine bottle opener, glasses and a beer bottle opener available for your convenience. We do have limited water, soda, coffee and hot chocolate in stock for our Chalky Painting Events.

  8. Do I have to paint my Chalky project the colors pictured? No, not at all. The colors are to give you an idea and you can totally decide to paint your Chalky project your choice of colors. The Chalky South Studio carries 40 colors Chalky Paint (current and past season colors), 4 Glaze colors, 3 Shimmer Paints, and 2 Chalky Board Paints.

  9. How long do the Chalky South Workshops typically last? On average, our beginner workshops are 1.5 hours, our intermediate and advanced workshops can run 2-3 hours from start to finish with more complex techniques. It depends on the type of workshop. Our private party events are typically 2 – 2.5 hours. Our Open Paint Nights can range (we start promptly at 6:45 p.m.), and can last until 9:00 p.m.

  10. What do I do if I want to have a private group party? We love private group parties! Just complete the contact form and let me know the size of the group and the approximate date/time you are thinking about. I will contact you to get an assortment of projects to offer, and I can create a special event page with those items to order. Be sure to bring some beverages and snacks! I’ll bring the music (your choice, of course)!

  11. Do we have to all do the same project at a private group event? Of course not! We offer several options for projects and we also offer personalized stencils to make their projects their own!