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At the Chalky South Studio, we offer Furniture Workshops once a month. These workshops provide you with a space chalky paint furniture that you are wanting to update and give a new look! You just need to register and purchase a furniture bundle, and let's make it happen. Check out our Calendar of Events to find out when the next furniture workshop will be held!

On the day of the workshop, bring a piece of furniture that you can "tote" (all cleaned up and ready to paint). Our Furniture Bundles are a great deal at $38 (Level 1), and you take the bundle products home with you after the event! You will have product to use on your next piece!!

Our Bundle #1 includes your choice of 2 of our 8 oz. Painter's Choice Paints, 4 oz. of our non-toxic Painter's Powder, a 8 oz. jar of your choice of Flat Velvet Top Coat, Foam Brush Set, and your choice of Glaze (Vineyard, Heritage Brown, Onyx or White Caps). Additional waxes, brushes, glazes, paints and more available for purchase on the day of the event. ,

You also have total use of any paint color in the studio for any extra detail!

You can purchase the bundle here: